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Dreamscape - the mythical land of Kymer

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After the universe of Habitat's liposuction, it was re-released as an island vacation spot.

The welcome room in Caribe originally looked like this, later on text was added to help new members maneuver. This is where you got your "feet wet" before you entered the world.

Strolling along the beach.

La Vous New - This is where you bought new heads, or bought body paints.

Some head vendos in La Vous New. (Vendos were called Vendroids in Habitat)


Before you enter Caribe, you design your avatars sex and look from here.

When I entered Caribe for the first time, I was born without a head, and also didn't have any paper or tokens in my pocket. You needed the tokens to activate the teleports, even though in this world they're free. In Habitat, it cost 10T every time you teleported. You'll soon see, being born without a head wasn't the only problem going on that night.

More beach.

Unlike Dreamscape, the color and pattern which was on the paint bottle, was the color and pattern which would appear on you when sprayed.

Some more Vendos in La Vous New.  Wait?  What's that?  It's a region from HABITAT merged in with one from Club Caribe!  Weird huh? Well, there's more where that came from. I forget which bar this was in Habitat.

What's this?  The entrance to Habitat's "Back 40" is merged in with the front of the Supplies shop!  The Back 40 was the forest in Habitat where where crime wasn't restricted. You could steal out of other avatars hands, as well as shoot and kill them.  Crime was never permitted in Caribe.


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