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Dreamscape - the mythical land of Kymer

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This title screen for Habitat. Click here to hear the accompanying music.

Unlike Club Caribe, in Habitat you had your own apartment, and you could die. Checking your status would reveal your address, and your current health.

Another hallway in the Popustop apartment complex.

The front of the Popustop complex.

Here it is, the official map of Populopolis, New Marin, Habitat. Notice how Habitat's magnetic pole points to the west, and not North.  The county of New Marin was named after the city in CA, where Lucasfilm's game division is located. There were other areas in Habitat which were not included on this map as well. In Habitats initial development, teleports had area codes so you could teleport to other cities or worlds. Populopolis was one of the area codes. Habitat was HUGE compared to Caribe.




A PDF of the actual manual which came with the Habitat beta kit. (Requires Adobe Acrobat. This file is 17MB. Right-click the picture and select Save-As for best results!)


In Habitat, all avatars had their own apartment called Turfs. Mine was Popustop #166.


The hallway in my wing.



This is the lobby of the Popustop hotel in Populopolis. The vendroid in this picture sold copies of "The Rant", Habitat's official newspaper.



The Popustop BBS. (This is were you could post notes for other avatars to read)



The Popustop Teleport.

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