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Dreamscape - the mythical land of Kymer


    So why did I create this website?  Well, there are a few reasons.  One, I'm beta-testing a new version of a web development package, and needed some sort of topic to create a website about. I picked AOL because, or more specifically, Q-Link, because I was very fond of the service.  For those of you who "hate" AOL, and what it represents today, you would have loved Q-Link.  There was no SPAM email, there was no SPAM IM's, there was no "password phishing", and every other People Connection room wasn't adult oriented.  The subscriber base was so much smaller, everyone pretty much knew everyone else on the service. It was one big happy "family".  Since 1986, I have always been a member of one of AOL's online services including  Q-Link, PC-Link, Promenade, and AOL. I saw Habitat grow up into Club Caribe, and later on Worlds Away.  This site is for people like me who like to take a look back at the old technology and stories and say, "Oh yeah! I remember that!". It's also for those who are strangely curious about where AOL came from.  So pull up a chair and take a look around.  And while you're at it, take a look at our Links section to see the other sites dedicated to Q-Link, Habitat and Club Caribe.  Tell 'em Keith e2 sent you.




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