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This was the screen you would see as Q-Link loaded.



Once you were connected to the network, the Q-Link client would then attempt to connect to the Q-Link service.



AOL's screen name limit used to be 5 screen names, limited to 10 characters each. This also was inherited from Q-Link. This is the screen where you selected which screen name you wanted to sign on as. It's interesting to note that V1.0 of the Q-Link software had the option of changing screen names while signed online, but the feature was later disabled. It took until  V6.0 of AOL for this feature to reappear.    



This is the department screen you were presented with when you first logged onto the service. PC-Link and Apple Link had similar department names, as well as AOL in the very beginning. The only department to still exist with its original name today is People Connection.







Q-Lnk was accessed via a X.25 packet switched network. This was the screen you would see as Q-Link attempted to to connect via Tymnet, Telenet (Sprintnet), or Telepac.




Q-Link didn't authenticate you with a username and password, instead every time you logged on your disk would be modified with a "key". When you signed on, the key on your disk would be compared against the key stored on the server. If they matched, your disk would be "validated" (a new key written for your next logon) and you would be signed onto the network. This prevented people from copying your disk, or modifying an existing one to log on with your account




This is Q-Link's equivalent of AOL's "welcome screen". The beta test of PC-Link (which became AOL) was kept very hush hush, but one day the welcome screen for it appeared on Q-Link's service in error. The cat was out of the bag.




This is the screen which would appear as People Connection loaded. Unlike PC-Link, Apple-Link, and AOL, you were not able to chat and browse other areas at the same time




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