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Dreamscape - the mythical land of Kymer

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The People Connection Lobby



This is what email looked like when it was sent directly from the Stratus (server) instead of the Q-Link client.



AOL has multiple auditoriums, Q-Link only had one, this is it.  RJScott was the emcee of all Q-Link Auditorium events. He was also the first Q-Guide on the service. (These were later on known as PC-Guides on PC-Link, and now Guides on AOL)



This was the People List, which showed you what users were in the room with you.



This email makes references to OLMs. IM's (Instant Messages) used to be called OLMs (OnLine Messages). During the Q-Link era, there were no privacy options which let you turn off your IM's, and there were no buddy lists.  If you were in the Auditorium using an Auditorium Disk (emcees), or in RabbitJack's Casino, or testing Habitat / Club Caribe, your OLM's would be disabled.  There where three types of OLMs.  The regular which you sent to another user, a SYSOLM which is an OLM generated by a person at the server (usually TOS violation warnings), and SWOLMs (System Wide OnLine Message) which were used to advertise events taking place online.




The People Connection menu. The "Enter Box Office" feature was intended for users to purchase admission to Auditorium events, but was never used for that purpose to my knowledge.



Composing an email. The date & time stamp was easily modified. (See the hacking stories)



This is what the online games menu looked like back in 87, with the exception of Lucasfilm's Habitat, which was only available to "pilot testers". Notice the games that were available in the menu, then look at the screenshot below.



There were other online games which weren't included on the Q-Link disk since they hadn't been officially tested or rolled out. A few of us "Q-Linkers" figured out how to access them, and played them. They worked fine for us. The games were Boxes, Quad 64, and Go. (See the hacking stories)




This is the Q-Link Room List. While there were the occasional adult rooms, there were nowhere near the number that exist today on AOL. There was also never SPAM (unsolicited email) as it was against the TOS (Terms Of Service), and never any unsolicited OLMs.  Imagine a era where you could go online and not have to deal with some automated script IMing you about adult websites, or trying to get you to send them  your password!  I miss those days. Q-Link was a totally different world.


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